Honest Place

Honest Place is a guesthouse on a unique location in Burgau, the Western Algarve. We’ve let us inspire by nature to create our place on top of the Barrancão Hill, facing the shimmer of the Atlantic and looking over the rolling green valley of Boca do Rio. Situated on a private cul-de-sac that feels as if it were your private oasis.
All these elements make it the perfect place to escape, unwind and reconnect with what really matters.  

About me

“Be so completely yourself that everyone else feels safe to be themselves too.”

Our story and values

You decide your pace. Do you come to sit back and relax after a heavy time at home, create new habits or reinvent yourself? You’re more than welcome.
Do you come to seek adventure and adrenaline, learn something new or be the sociable animal you truly are?

The logo

We intentionally chose the bird of paradise flower as our Honest Place symbol.
First of all its appearance in our garden couldn’t go unnoticed, but most of all the meaning of this specific plant.

*At honest place we require a minimum stay of 3 nights, so you’ll fully get the vibe.

*We are not serving breakfast at the moment but there is a fully equipped kitchenette for you to use.